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Valance Glassfibre has been designing and manufacturing fibreglass products for over 30 years.
The company's success is due to the flexibility and total commitment to you, our customers. We are always pleased to be involved with the initial design and development of products in order to overcome any potential problems and also to advise on the most beneficial methods of fibreglass moulding.
Please take a look around our website to see examples of our fibreglass work, and if you have questions, contact us - we'll gladly help.

Producing the Moulds

From your drawings, a wooden pattern is produced to replicate the finished product exactly, including the surface texture. From this, a fibreglass production mould is produced to enable the manufacture of finished products.

Complex design? No problem.

Our in-house ability to produce complex, multi piece fibreglass production moulds with high quality finishes is key, as the quality of each fibreglass moulded component is a direct reflection of the mould itself. Controlling critical dimensions and shape is a result of moulds that are properly manufactured and structurally supported, equally important is the type and quality of fibreglass materials employed during mould construction.

High Quality Finishing

Once the GRP product has been released from the mould it goes to the finishing department, where it can be trimmed if required. Also, the addition of any peripheral components can be fitted to produce a polished product. After the product has been finished and rigorously checked it can be packed and delivered.

Cost Competitive, Produced in the UK

Whatever the volume or complexity of your moulding you'll be sure to find us amongst the most cost competitive in our industry. Call us on 01827-715619 to get a quote or to find out more about how we can manufacture the fibreglass product that you want to make.

Should you have an enquiry concerning fibreglass moulding for your project or product, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Versatile, Established Company

Valance Glassfibre manufactures a wide range of fibreglass mouldings for a variety of sectors using polyester, chemical or fire retardant mouldings that can satisfy BS 476 part 7 surface spread of flame class 1/0 and to all BS and RAL colours.

Fibreglass in your Sector

Whatever sector you are from, industrial, construction, manufacturing, architectural we are here to assist you. The lightweight strength of fibreglass offers distinct advantages for a wide range of products, its reduced weight and maintenance make it a good choice for many industries.

Valuable Fibreglass Expertise

Our approach to new projects is to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements, after these initial discussions with you we can advise on design criteria to make the most of fibreglass. We can advise on the feasibility of making moulds and provide expertise on the addition components or fittings that may be required. Our early input in your project can greatly improve functionality and appearance whilst reducing tooling and component costs.

Well Equipped Factory

We operate from a 12,500 sq ft factory which incorporates a 5 tonne pillar crane and we have on site a 2.5 tonne forklift truck, so large mouldings are not a problem.