Fibreglass Mouldings by Valance Glassfibre Ltd

Fibreglass Piping, Ducting & Cladding

We provide a cladding service to reinforce products with fibreglass. By doing this products can be reinforced for added strength and durability, or even to change the colour.

As part of the design of a fibreglass product we can incorporate steel or wooden inlays to improve strength, rigidity and robustness. As with our other products we can also add fittings and provide various finishes.

Each cladding project can be customised to include a finish in any British RAL colour of your choosing.

Please contact us to find out more about our fibreglass cladding services. You can send us a message via our contact page.

We have been involved in producing fibreglass cladding for pipes on a number of sites. Some examples of the pipe cladding that we have successfully completed can be seen in the photos below.