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Sewage Treatment Products

Valance Glassfibre has experience in manufacturing a range of package fibreglass sewage treatment products.

Package Sewage Treatment Plant

SAMi - sewage treatment for single dwelling

Our SAMi units are ideal for treating sewage for up to around five people. For more information on our single dwelling sewage treatment plant, take a look at our SAMi product page.

VES1 - VES4 Range of Sewage Treatment Plants

Small Package Sewage Treatment Plant

The VES1 - VES4 range of sewage treatment plants use a three stage purification process employing an aerobic biological principle serving populations of 7 people and over. The system is ideal for single houses and small communities. Low maintenance requirements and low power consumption mean that installations of the VES1 - VES4 range provide a cost effective answer to sewage treatment problems.

For difficult sites, the VES1 - VES4 range can be supplied with a final effluent pump and alarm option. This gives greater flexibility and allows disposal of the final effluent to sub-soil irrigation or to a mound percolation system.

Designed in accordance with BS6297 and certified by the Irish Agrement Board, the system will meet consent standards of 20mg/L BOD, 30mg/L SS or better when appropriately sized and properly maintained. Careful consideration in design has been given for easy and safe access for desludging, pump maintenance and for inspection purposes.

VES5 - VES16 Range of Sewage Treatment Plants

Large Package Sewage Treatment Plant

The VES5 - VES16 range of fibreglass sewage treatment plants are designed to treat wastewater flows for populations of up to 250 people, producing an effluent to comply with discharge consent limits for BOD, S.S., and nitrified effluents. The VES range of fibreglass sewage treatment plants incorporate "Submerged Aerated Media" to provide a high quality biological sewage treatment process. Its compact design includes contains primary sludge settlement, biological sewage treatment and a final water settlement area in a single fibreglass structure.

Some photos of VES sewage treatment plants are shown below:

Fibreglass Package Sewage Treatment Plant Fibreglass Package Sewage Treatment Plant

Other Sewage Treatment Products

Weir plates

These can be manufactured in up to 3 metre lengths from fibreglass sheets with an integral joggle joint. A wide variety of widths are also possible. Thicknesses are available from 6mm to 10mm which allows for various loadings. Contact us for more information on what we can produce.

Fibreglass scum boards

We can manufacture custom moulded GRP (fibreglass) flat boards or pre-curved boards of various lengths, widths and thickness.

Launder channels

Different types and sizes are available to suit your requirements. Get in touch and tell us your requirements, then we can provide an estimate.

Diffusion Drums

We can produce fibreglass diffusion drums, which are manufactured in a wide variety of diameters, depths and thickness.