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Fibreglass Package Sewage Treatment Plant

SAMi Package Sewage Treatment Plant

SAMi Package Sewage Treatment Plant

SAMi Sewage Treatment Plant

Our smallest sewage treatment plant, the SAMi unit, is specially designed for the single house and other small applications.

SAMi Process Details

The SAMi sewage treatment system is compactly designed to meet a consent standard of 20mg/l BOD & 30mg/l SS.

Raw sewage enters the two stage Primary Zone where gross solids are retained for desludging on a periodic basis. The settled sewage is transferred to the Biozone where an efficient aerated media process encourages biological activity. Then the liquor is displaced into the Final Settlement Compartment where further separation takes place.

Finally the now purified effluent is discharged to an approved watercourse or percolation area. The sketch to the right shows a typical layout of a SAMi unit.

If you are interested in our SAMi package sewage treatment plant then please get in contact with us.

SAMi Unit Dimensions

SAMi Package Sewage Treatment Plant