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Fibreglass Water Storage Tanks

Fibreglass Water Storage Tanks

We can supply fibreglass water storage tanks in a wide range of sizes to suit your particular needs. Fibreglass reinforced plastic is often used for for creating water holding tanks as it is durable, strong and importantly, it can be sealed to be water tight. Our range of water tanks use materials that are Water Regulations Advisory Scheme approved.

Robust Water Tanks

Our range of Robust Water Tanks includes one and two piece water tanks that are manufactured in our UK factory to the highest standards using quality fibreglass materials. All of fibreglass resins and gelcoats that we use are individually Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved, and also comply with Lloyds approval for marine use.

Extensive Size Range

Robust Water Tanks are available in an extensive standard size range from 90 Litres to 9000 Litres capacity. In addition, we provide imperial and metric ranges to match what you use.

Custom Dimensions? Robust Water Tanks are made to measure.

Water Tanks can be specially made to suit specific requirements or individual needs.

Fibreglass Matt

Tricky Access? Robust Water Tanks are Versatile.

Where access is a problem, Robust two piece water tanks can be constructed on site to accommodate the individual circumstances. All of our tanks are easy to install and require low maintenance.

Exotic Connections? Robust Tanks are Compatible.

Robust water tanks can be supplied with connections and fittings sourced from an extensive range of options. These connections can be supplied and fitted in the factory to comply with the Water Supply Regulations 1999.

Additional Insulation Required? No problem.

Robust Water Tanks are available with or without insulation. Just ask and we can provide details about what insulation is available.

Special Colour? It's available.

We produce Robust Water Tanks in British Standard 4800 colours, with our typical water tank being coloured a light grey (code 10-A-07). Other colours from the British Standard colours are available, just ask.